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Download YMUSIC For IOS/iPhone Free Latest Version 2024

Now, you can download the Ymusic iOS App to play background music on your iPhone/iPad. YMusic is a free online YouTube music streaming platform where users can listen to YouTube music with lot of advanced features.

Play the background YouTube songs on your Apple iOS devices easily through the Ymusic IOS App. You can download Ymusic for iPhone free from this website. It is the place to get the best music streaming services free of cost for your devices.

Why Ymusic for iOS?

YMusic is the Music Streaming App for Android users but you can get it for iPhones free of cost. Millions of Users want to listen to Background music on their IOS devices but don’t have any actual and best platform.

For this, we Introduce Ymusic for IOS/iPhone which the user can use to listen to music in the background, and some additional features that enhance the user experience for Apple users. Download Ymusic for iPhone free of cost with the latest version and additional features.

Premium Functions For iPhone

Everyone wants to get the Premium version for free where they can explore the paid/premium features without pay anything.

YMusic Premium IOS Allows users to watch YouTube videos and songs and convert them into audio for background play. You can upload the videos/audio files from your Apple gallery and convert them into mp3 formats to play the music easily. You can play the video songs in the background to integrate from the different music platforms.

Ymusic Premium APK supports different music streaming platforms such as Soundcloud, Spotify, YouTube, and Especially Apple Music for iPhone users. All the Premium lifetime subscriptions are integrated with Ymusic IOS Premium. You can directly access these premium platforms through the Ymusic app for iOS.

Additional Information

App NameYMusic IOS
RequiresVaries with Device

Key Features

80+ Themes

Download Ymuisc for IOS And Explore the Amazing 80+ Themes. You can change the themes of this app and customize what you want.

Select your favorite theme and get the new UI Interface full of customization features. All the themes are premium and Unlocked for iPhone users. It is an amazing theme changer feature available for only IOS Users.

Large Music Library

A vast music library spanning diverse genres and languages ensures that users can easily find their favorite tracks and discover new music.

From popular hits to niche genres, a comprehensive selection caters to a wide range of musical tastes and preferences, enriching users’ listening experiences and fostering exploration.

Background Listening

Listen to background music on your iPhone device through the Ymusic IOS App. It will help you to listen to all kinds of YouTube and other platform music in the background.

While working on an Apple iPhone, you can listen to songs easily in the background without any interruption.

In the Android version, you can listen only to YouTube Music in Backgron but Ymusic App for IOS provides access to its users to play background gallery music offline. Apple users can also use Apple Music for background listening through this amazing app.

Podcast & Audio Content

Including podcasts, audiobooks, and other audio content alongside music enriches the platform’s offerings, appealing to a broader audience and providing users with a variety of entertainment options.

Whether users are seeking informative podcasts, captivating audiobooks, or engaging storytelling, access to diverse audio content enhances their overall experience and ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy beyond just music.

Create Playlist & Music Library Title

You can create a playlist of your favorite songs/music and play it for a long time when you are working. Ymusic plays only those songs one by one that is in the playlist.

Moreover, you can create a music library where you will be able to add your favorite songs and music in the form of different sections.

Set the Name of Music Library section such as Bollywood Songs, Hollywood Songs, and Korean songs. With the Same, you can create a playlist and each playlist almost contains 1000 Music.

Download Music Free

Ymusic is also a free music downloader where you can download all the songs from YouTube, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

Listen to the songs offline with the use of these features. You have the option to download Music in different formats such as MP3, WAV, Ogg, etc.

Select your formats and download music on your Apple devices. It is integrated with Youtube, Spotify, and Soundcloud and you can download the music from any platform through the Ymusic iOS app.

Discover Trending Music

Discover trending music every day on your IOS Devices and involve yourselves in this trending era. You can explore today’s trends in Music through this gorgeous app. It does not provide you with the song of your region but also users can listen to music from all over the world.

Every song from different countries is available in this feature you can listen easily and apply filters to get the daily songs according to your interest. If you like to listen to English Music then it will provide you with English music of all categories. Ymusic IOS Install on your Apple devices and listen to world-famous music free of cost with a background play option.

Custom APP Settings

The Default setting is better for all the users but you can customize the settings of ymusic app. In settings, you can change the country, App Languages, Content Area, APP Colours, Add and Remove Folders, etc.

Furthermore, you can Enable/Disable the option of your recent history, Clear the Cache, change the Media player, Open Source license, and custom Audio Equalizer.

Cross Platform Sync

Cross-platform syncing enables users to seamlessly access their music library and playlists across a variety of devices, including iPhones, iPads, Macs, and web browsers.

This ensures continuity and convenience, allowing users to pick up where they left off regardless of the device they’re using, whether at home, on the go, or at work. With synchronized access, users can enjoy their favorite tunes and curated playlists wherever they are, without missing a beat.

Ads Free

Ymusic Premium for IOS is the Paid version that does not contain any type of Ads. Ads Free User experience from this app. Ads Di ads. You listen to music and songs without ads and get the amazing user experience of music disturbing the User experience while using the app but it does not contain.

  • There is no need to download the APP from the Apple Store.
  • Use this iOS Music App for free on your devices.
  • The built-in free YouTube music downloader.
  • It allows you to run all the codec and audio files.
  • Play official albums and find to listen to original artists.
  • Access your gallery and also play music.
  • Listen to music in the background while playing games.
  • Consume low battery energy.
  • Play songs with multiple soundtracks.
  • Limited video features.
  • There is no update & support on the iOS version.
  • You can’t able to change font styles.



You can’t sign into the music APP because it is the Premium app that does not require a sign-in option. Every user of Ymusic IOS can use the premium version without any sign-in.

It is a Music Streaming App that allows users to listen to music from YouTube videos. Some YouTube videos contain double frequency and it does not support these types of videos.

Copy the Youtube Video URL and Paste it into the App Section. Then, it will auto-detect videos and songs from them. It is the solution only for IOS Devices.

YmusicAPK.com provides you with the Download Link to download Ymusic IOS Premium. Just Use this Link and Download it on your IOS Devices. Links are built in the Download Buttons.

After Downloading the APP, Click to Start Installation on your Apple iPhone. Give some permission to integrate the YouTube and gallery songs for background play.

Ymusic is 100% Safe & Secure users can use it without any restrictions. Don’t worry, it is reliable and accurate for all IOS Devices.


IPhone does not allow users to keep playing YouTube music in the background. For this, the Ymusic APP For IOS is the best option because it is a lightweight app and 100% Safe and secure. You will use the premium feature of this app free of cost. It has a user-friendly interface that is customized with different colors. Themes option is a newly added feature of Ymusic IOS that can help you to change the look and user interface of this app.

This app has been updated with new and exciting features for the users. It is just a gift for the newest users of 2024. The update on the basis on Apple music streaming platform specially enhanced the user experience.

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